Grover Anderson

Free Music Wednesday

At first glance, Grover Anderson looks like the kind of guy who’ll drip with earnestness and leave you aggressively “whelmed.” But then you’ll start listening to the stories he has to tell—the adventurers decimated by ambition, the desperate attempts by the broken to play it cool, the extended metaphors that aren’t as sweet as they initially seem. Sure, he’s got love songs—his signature one is called “Sick of You,” and there’s another that’s probably not actually about bootleg liquor. And don’t worry, he’s trying to lighten up on the murder ballads; his latest album, All The Lies That I Have Told, received rave reviews despite its relatively modest body count of 13. So yeah, Grover’s quite earnest. But try to stay on your toes.


Oct 25 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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