Scotch Beck (Scott Beck from Flying Blind)

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Michael Scott Beck (AKA “Scotch Beck”) is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/singer based deep in the farmlands of Central California. He crafts the “stew” that he calls “California Farmer Rock” by mixing a dash of rock n’ roll, a pinch of country, a hint of folk and a heaping spoonful of 80’s power ballads. His debut album, The Ballad of Boscoe Jenkins, takes the listener on a musical journey and gives them a taste of this “musical stew.” With a sweet, melodic, emotional voice layered with rich harmonies, Beck’s songs cover a wide range of emotion. From beautiful, touching love ballads, to heart wrenching tear jerkers. Some are fun and upbeat, while others are playful and borderline silly. It’s an absolute rollercoaster that you’ll want to experience over and over again.


Beck’s musical career began with a simple pair of drumsticks that were given to him by his mother at an early age. Pot and pan drum sets led to lessons, which evolved into school orchestras and jazz bands. In high school, Scotch began experimenting with other instruments and started writing songs with friends that would eventually become lifelong band mates. With Beck on the drums and singing harmonies, they formed the band Flying Blind in the early 90’s and turned a decade of backyard parties and small local clubs into a major label signing in 2000 (Republic/Universal). Their single “Smokescreen” was featured on the “American Pie 2” soundtrack and at one point, they were the most added single on U.S. radio.


After relocating to the Los Angeles area following the release of Flying Blind’s third studio album, Beck began playing guitar, piano and percussion with other local musicians. Beck was the keyboard player and collaborator for singer/songwriter Andrew Paul Woodworth when he was signed to the German label Rodeostar Records. When they returned from mulitple tours throughout Europe, Scotch began an unexpected musical project that changed his path forever. A good friend asked if he’d be interested in recording a children’s album for his daughter. Although he was only vaguely familiar with working a ProTools recording system, Beck pull up his chair, started pressing buttons and soon “Macho Nacho and Mouth Trumpet present: Musical Stew” was born. Scotch (AKA Mouth Trumpet) played every instrument and sang his parts while his friend (actor Patick Day, AKA Macho Nacho) sang the other. Their “States and Capitals” video currently has over 9.5 million views on their YouTube channel as well as millions of others from alternate videos made from fans and even teachers.


Eventually, the bright lights of the big city and the endless hours of sitting in SoCal traffic wore down our hero. So Beck decided to unplug, reset and move back near the family farm. He reunited with his old pals in Flying Blind and they began to play again. This time without the pressures of an everchanging music industry weighing them down. This time it was fun again. It was during this time that Scotch went back to working on that family farm and even bought some land of his own. Even though he had a newly re-found appreciation for this “simple life”… tractor time can be a lonely time. As he’d perform his duties, the songs kept coming. So he decided to get back into the studio and make another album. This time, it wouldn’t be for someone else. It wouldn’t be with anyone else. Just him. His story. His voice.


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Nov 15 2023


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