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Michael Scott Beck (AKA “Scotch Beck”) is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/singer based deep in the farmlands of Central California. He crafts the “stew” that he calls “California Farmer Rock” by mixing a dash of rock n’ roll, a pinch of country, a hint of folk and a heaping spoonful of 80’s power ballads. His debut album, The Ballad of Boscoe Jenkins, takes the listener on a musical journey and gives them a taste of this “musical stew.” With a sweet, melodic, emotional voice layered with rich harmonies, Beck’s songs cover a wide range of emotion. From beautiful, touching love ballads, to heart wrenching tear jerkers. Some are fun and upbeat, while others are playful and borderline silly. It’s an absolute rollercoaster that you’ll want to experience over and over again.


Beck’s musical career began with a simple pair of drumsticks that were given to him by his mother at an early age. Pot and pan drum sets led to lessons, which evolved into school orchestras and jazz bands. In high school, Scotch began experimenting with other instruments and started writing songs with friends that would eventually become lifelong band mates. With Beck on the drums and singing harmonies, they formed the band Flying Blind in the early 90’s and turned a decade of backyard parties and small local clubs into a major label signing in 2000 (Republic/Universal). Their single “Smokescreen” was featured on the “American Pie 2” soundtrack and at one point, they were the most added single on U.S. radio.


Feb 17 2024


7:00 am - 9:00 pm