The Neighborhood Sound

$5 Cover

“The Neighborhood Sound is THE Central Sierra Nevada Super Band” ~ John Ruskinwith Alec LaRoche on bass, Joey Garcia on guitar, Adam Dragland on guitar and vocals and Tim McCaffrey on Drums and vocals, this Allstar lineup is mind-blowing. The band first got together in the ethos before they were born, brought together in the cosmic sludge of life’s cocoon. After birth, each member successfully toured the world in their own rite in their own bands, melting faces on all four corners of the earth. After destroying the hopes and dreams of less dedicated artists all four had decided they had done what God put them on this green earth to do. BUT THEY WERE WRONG! They needed to do more! All four members landed in the same county and by Zuess’ Hammer, found themselves creating new music in, what is now famously known as “Studio C”. Realizing that the world needed to share this pure joy they could create together, they decided they would play a few shows a year at well established venues where they felt true music lovers congregated. “The Neighborhood Sound is like listening to angels if angels played anything other than a harp” ~ Renee WelleckFrom rock, to country, to ballads and solid covers, roofing your high school buddy’s house, to baby sitting your sister’s kid, The Neighborhood Sound can literally do it all.


Apr 22 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm